Saturday, February 02, 2008

"No Shit Billy"

That was the glorious response a father was giving his 4-year-old son I overheard while entering Walmart today. Of course, taken out of context, this sounds horrible on the part of the father. In reality, the father was actually affirming his young son's exclamation: "Its snowing Daddy!" "No shit Billy."
I didn't want to go to Walmart, but I needed some thermal undershirts for the mid-weight riding gear setup that I hope to someday need. Biking to work everyday is going fine, I'm just looking forward to temps above 40. I'm currently considering entering in Mas O Menos 100K, its down in Texas Valentine's weekend and looks fun enough. I should probably wait until March for road trips so I can save some cash.
With that in mind I think I'll start looking for events to check out in March. Bye.