Monday, November 06, 2006

Day light savings time is really beginning to get me down. Didn't get much riding in at all last week. During the work week the most cycling that I got in was during the weekly pub crawl. I did have to ride to work on Thursday after experiencing electrical problems with my new, old car. After pondering a bum battery or alternator I was pleased to discover that simply re-wiring undering the hood brought the beast back to life. Having a mechanic as a friend is truly priceless. You can't find a good shop mechanic that will work for a case of beer, that's for sure.
Spent most the day Saturday with a new friend of mine in Denver. We rolled into town ahead of schedule for the 4:45 showing of American Hardcore. Opting to kill some time in a local watering hole we bellied up to the bar at the Three Kings on Broadway. I quickly found myself wishing that I had arrived much earlier. The bar was absolutely packed with bike messengers. Turns out we had stumbled upon the finish line of a local alley cat race. Must figure out who organizes this stuff up in Mile High, it looks like too much fun to be left out of next time around. The remains of the day consisted of eating beer battered sausages at the Streets of London, possibly the first legitimate English pub I've ever seen in this country, and playing audience while Jello Biafra ranted on incessantly. Not that I didn't enjoy his take on the current political landscape, but by this point its old hat. But, to be honest, he was in it for the long haul on Saturday. He hit the stage at nine, and by 12:30, when I was ready to call it quits, he was just calling for intermission.
Sunday, slept late, watched some football and got out for a pretty decent 3 hour excursion on the single speed.
Now I'm staring at the indoor trainer, quickly realizing that in order to maintain any form over these next few months I'll have to implement this necessary evil. Wish me luck, I'm gonna try to get up early and hop on the trainer for an hour before work. This might start the day out right, but it cannot possibly compare to climbing Gold Camp in the early moring hours as I was able to do just a couple of months ago. Spring, I can't wait for you to come.