Sunday, October 29, 2006

O.K. I never said that I would update on a regular basis or anything of the sort. It's been about 2 weeks since my last post. I'd like to say that I've been busy, but that's a load of crap.
Since my last post a few interesting things have happened. The day after the Cannonball Run race I took on the Incline at Manitou Springs for the first time. This was fun. By fun, I mean, just about the most painful experience I've objected myself to in a long time. By the way, if your going to attempt this railroad tie stairway that just goes straight up the side of, well basically, a mountain, here's a few suggestions that I will offer in retrospect. Don't attempt the day after riding for a good 8 hours on your single speed. Don't attempt after a big Mexican meal the night before where you also sampled the beer special, a few times. Also, jeans and a sweater are NOT the preferred apparrel for this venture, as I realized after being passed by several local members of the AARP, clad in shorts and underarmor.
I did make it to the top of the Incline, but my preparation could of used some major revision. The following week I managed a couple asscents of Gold Camp on the single speed. I also learned how to use a license plate to break into my apartment after locking myself out of it, but that's another story.
The following weekend was pretty miserable. Saturday was really cold. Got out for a 2 hour ride and thought that I could have possibly done some serious damage by the end of it. First real cold weather ride of the year and I was woefully ill-prepared. Felt lazy Sunday and just spent the time watching football, remembering why it is so horrible to be a Browns fan.
This last week I once again took out the single speed and went up Gold Camp Monday and Wednesday, opting for tooling around Palmer Park on Tuesday. Thursday, despite the snowstorm my Mum's flight made it in on time. Since then I've pretty much been filling up my weekend with the regular tourist-type stuff. Checked out the Coffin Races in Manitou Springs on Saturday (Kudos to the Springs Pub Crawl gang coming in almost dead last) and took the Cog Railway up Pike's Peak earlier today.
That's it for now. Sorry for the lapse in updates, I'll try to keep my ramblings more consistent from now on (twice a week should be sufficient, my life's not that interesting).