Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Recap

OK, to catch up to the present, the biking in 2007 didn't end up as best as I would have hoped. Thunderstorms and a crappy rental bike killed any hopes of competing in the Fall Classic back in Ohio and financial limitations thwarted my attempt at pulling together a team for the 24 Hours in the Sage. Oh well, the rest of the year wound down nicely with regular group rides 2-3 days a week all the way through November (October?). Fitness wise I've spent the last couple of months couped up in the local YMCA. Its a nice facility and all, but I'd much rather be outside. Towards the end of last year I also took up playing tennis with Lee (which has transformed into racquetball in these colder months) and running Tuesday nights with Jack Quinn's running club. That I suppose, you could consider cross-training. That''s all for now. By the way its Jan. 3rd and its in the mid 50's - not bad, the crawl will be fun tonight!
P.S. - I didn't forget about New Years Resolutions, yeah I've got a few, and I'll go into detail on my next post.