Monday, July 16, 2007

Dad was in town this last weekend. He'd spent the preceding week traveling through Wyoming and Utah. Arches national park looks really great, but I think I'd rather visit the Grand Tetons. Managed to get a 30 mile ride in Saturday morning up Woodmen and round the Garden of the Gods. Spent most of Saturday in Denver with Dad. ate lunch at the Wynkoop Brewery, tooled around Lodo, and then visited the 2 British pubs in the area. Sunday was less driving. We met up for breakfast again but wound up lounging around the house watching Blackadder and went out to Powers to watch the Transformers movie. Felt like I ate too much over the weekend and now I have just over 6 weeks to whip myself into shape before racing in the Fall Classic back in Ohio. We'll just see how that goes.