Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Had a great weekend up north of Denver. Rode in my 2nd MS 150 and managed to complete 2 century rides in 2 days, both sub-51/2 hours, not bad. The route this year went from Broomfield up to Fort COllins and back. Some really beautiful scenery to check out along the way and the usual great vibes you get in large groups riding for a cause. There were over 3000 cyclists on the road working towards a cure for MS. This is my second MS 150, but the first time that I have personally known someone afflicted with this disease. That in itself really made a difference to me this time around, kinda felt like I was riding with more of a purpose and not just knocking back the miles.

In other news, the bike crawl's fearless leader, Mr. John Hurly has wrapped up his assault on the Great Divide, completing the race in 25 days. Hats off to that incredible feat, see what I'm talking about here: www.greatdividerace.com/ .

Also, that race in France is also going well, as in nobody busted for doping, yet. Of course I'm catchiing my info third-hand as I'm still living without cable and have not yet found any streaming video of the Tour worth a damn.

Until next time...