Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tonight it looks like we're getting the second real snowfall here in the Springs. And I'm fine with that. The bike riding has waned a bit over the past month and I've even gone as far as to get a gym membership to stave off cabin fever. The riding that I have gotten in has been somewhat hazardous as of late. Took a mean fall off a pixie bike on a bmx course during the Annual PMS (Pixie Moto Supercross) a couple of weeks back. Pretty sure I bruised my tailbone on that one, it still hurts to lift things, bend over, and my ass hurts if I cough really hard, and that's not normal. Strangely enough though it doesn't hurt to ride. Also, last Tuesday, while heading home from the Bristol I pulled a Dukes of Hazard slide head-first acros the hood of an older model Buick. I had the green light, but apparently this guy was color blind and stopped, only after seeing my headlight, right in the middle of the intersection. I yanked hard ont he brakes to stop which saved my front wheel from getting tacoed but sent me with all that momentum, head first across the hood. Fortunately, my left hip took the most of the impact across the other side so I walked funny for a couple days after that. I couldn't tell you the exact make and model of the vehicle, because as soon as I hit the asphalt, the car was gone.
I have managed a few uneventful rides. I have still been getting out for nice log rides on the weekends, mostly west side boogies usually invoving Gold Camp and the dirt trail to Helen Hunt Falls. Just this last Sunday I rode up Rampart Range Road from the Garden of the Gods up to the shooting range and back on the single speed. Quite bizarre to mix the serne beauty of nature during the most of the ride with the 30-40 proponents of the 2nd ammendment blasting off rounds up at the shooting range. Also, I discovered that 29" wheels, single speed, skinny (32's) tires, and no suspension was not the preferred rig for this ride. The single speed didn't bother me so much, but on the descent it would have been nice to have smaller wheels, wider tires, and flat wider bars, just to aid in manuverability.
So, tonight it snowed. It's been a while since there has been any daylight after the workday is over. Today I just figured I'd go with it. Came home, nuked a bowl of chili (extra hot sauce), watched House and after that took a stroll across town through the snow. Wound up at Starbucks where I drank some green tea and read the latest Neil Gaiman book to come to paperback. Pretty low-key and relaxing really. But enough of that, tomorrow I'll be up at five, to the gym by half-past and then after a couple hours of therapy, I'll get hopped up on some coffee that you can almost chew and set about the days work. I can hardly wait.
Until next time...