Saturday, January 26, 2008

No car, no problem.

The German Shitbox has been down at Heuberger for over a week now, but that hasn't been a problem. I'm still on track with all those nagging New Years Resolutions. That's right, almost one month in the bag. I've read 1.5 books (Steve Martin's Born Standing Up, and half of Bukowski's Post Office), been on a real health kick, and biked to worked every day. Yeah, even saw -10 last week.
Today was especially nice. Slept in to 11am, went for a 2 hour climbing ride, then did some grocery shopping with my brand new bike trailer I bought from a friend that works at Criterium. The trailer is great. I hauled 2 weeks worth of groceries in it today, including a gallon of o.j. and a gallon of milk. I may not need to drive locally again. Gotta crash, I want to repeat today tomorrow; there's a 1pm group ride I want to go on. Well, bye.