Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A little time has lapsed since my last visit. Still riding to work everyday, in fact the only day this year that I drove was the day following my visit to the E.R. to sew up a damaged elbow. And, since I injured myself riding the mountain bike and had to get the delivery van back to the office the next day anyway, I don't think that should count. Over the past couple of months I've gotten to ride plenty, work seems to be getting better (though a little slow), and Colorado Springs is still a resort town.

Just came from the Cowboy Breakfast. They closed down a good part of Tejon and had Army members from Fort Carson serving pancakes, scrambled eggs, o.j., and coffee. Not bad for $5. Still, I think I enjoyed the Mayor's breakfast that took place last month (for Bike Month). The food there was bagels, fruit, and scrambled eggs. The event had less of a right-wing tone and the food was free. Both tied for the people-watching entertainment that was provided.

Until next time...