Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today did not go as planned.
There was a nice bike ride - I planned it. Lee, Lewis, Hurly, James, and George were all coming. We were almost ready to go when Steve from work called. Apparently, someone had slashed the delivery vehicles' tires. As per usual, Hurly was running late, I said I'd just go survey the damage. The rest of the guys would just head down to my office (a few blocks away) when everyone got there.
When I got there the damage was worse than I imagined. Three vehicles, 1 tire from one, three on the other two slashed and flat. What followed for me involved anger, stress and frustration and I still have no operable vehicles for Monday morning. I am going to take another crack at it tomorrow though. Oh yeah, and no ride.
On happier things, I've got the Bianchi back to a ride-worthy state. Lets just say I learned an important lesson about hub construction and I'll leave it at that. Also, this last week the Bike Crawl (all five of us due to inclement weather) stopped by the Rocket Room and saw something I didn't think existed: a good rock-a-billy band. Not that good rock-a-billy can't be good, but they have to play the music fast and tight and be good. Not too much of that around. Oh, and the guitarist was this Japanese guy named Tomo, dressed in full-leather and great on guitar. Mid-way through their set, Tomo sang a cover of La Bamba, absolutely screaming through it - awesome!
Oh, and I got a 20 tooth cog for the Monkey (to replace the 22). Should be in the 60's tomorrow, I'll have to make sure to extensively test out that cog.