Friday, June 27, 2008

Ahh Friday. Nice and busy at the office today. Looks like we should make that all important profit this month after all.
Tonight I'm heading north to Broomfield. Got the MS 150 this weekend. I'll be traveling light - Bianchi San Jose and messenger bag full of gear - no check-in luggage. They've eliminated the century option for Saturday which is kind of a bummer, but I'll still be able to earn my patch on Sunday. And since I'll only be putting away 78 miles tomorrow, I'll get to the beer tent that much faster. Yay.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A little time has lapsed since my last visit. Still riding to work everyday, in fact the only day this year that I drove was the day following my visit to the E.R. to sew up a damaged elbow. And, since I injured myself riding the mountain bike and had to get the delivery van back to the office the next day anyway, I don't think that should count. Over the past couple of months I've gotten to ride plenty, work seems to be getting better (though a little slow), and Colorado Springs is still a resort town.

Just came from the Cowboy Breakfast. They closed down a good part of Tejon and had Army members from Fort Carson serving pancakes, scrambled eggs, o.j., and coffee. Not bad for $5. Still, I think I enjoyed the Mayor's breakfast that took place last month (for Bike Month). The food there was bagels, fruit, and scrambled eggs. The event had less of a right-wing tone and the food was free. Both tied for the people-watching entertainment that was provided.

Until next time...